May 1, 2012

The One with the Pastors' Conference

The month of April was a complete blur for me. The first week led up to Easter Sunday, and we started our long drive to Florida immediately after that service. We were in Florida for the next Sunday of church, and the following weekend, I took a drive to Ohio and then Michigan with my parents to visit an ailing relative. That weekend was a great time with all of my family (both mine and Kevin's) but Kevin wasn't there. It was sad. And like something was missing for all of us. At this point I've missed two Sundays in a row of church. Two days later, Kevin and I get in the car again; this time for a 6 hour drive Pennsylvania with Pastor Randy, Sheryl and the kids. 

*whew* I'm tired just thinking about it. Lots of car time, lots of eating out, but lots of wonderful time with friends and family. 

The trip to PA was for the long-anticipated Ministers' conference for a few hundred local Free Methodist Pastors and their families. Sheryl had been eagerly talking about attending this event since we first arrived in New York--and for good reason. We had a wonderful time!

The food was indulgent, the speaker was riveting for all four of us, the hotel was fancy and our room was luxurious (can you say, Jacuzzi suite?) We met lots of new friends and had great conversation with Randy & Sheryl on our long drives. We had fun playing with the kids in the pool and soaking in the hot tub during our free time. 

And then it was back to real life. (Which, for Kevin, meant jumping out of the van with our luggage and taking his bookbag with him into our car to head to his 6 hour evening of seminary class. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the second half of my Subway sub, caught up on finances, and watched some Grey's.)

We are so thankful for the opportunity the church gave us to attend the conference and to the leaders of the event for planning every detail to make it a success. 

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  1. Jealous of the jacuzzi! Nick and I are obsessed with greys tooooooooo, we've watched straight thru season 1-7 in a month and had to get Hulu plus to continue watching 8.... We're scarily almost caught up with that too!


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