May 7, 2012

The One with the First Garage Sale of the Season

It's GARAGE SALE season, people!! YAHOOO! (Here, let me create a simile for you--deer season is to deer hunter as garage sale season is to bargain hunter.) I went to my first set of sales with a a wonderful friend, Andrea. When she told me last Thursday that she was a thrifter and has seen my blog post about my $5 Goodwill dresses, she was hoping I might also be a garage-sale-goer. BOY WAS SHE RIGHT. She probably didn't know just how "hardcore" I am about deal hunting, but if she is gutsy enough to garage sale with a toddler and an infant, I'm sure can handle my antics. :)

Sure enough, we were perfect shopping partners! We had the same standards for prices. ("No, I wouldn't buy those sandals for $4. I would pay $1 or maybe 50 cents.") We could spot a "good" or a "bad" sale from the end of the driveway. We didn't mind letting the other come or go at their own speed. No pressure, just fun, relaxed rummaging. 

And at the end of all that, she made a stop at my favorite store (Aldi) for me and we found out she's an Aldi lover as well. Awesome!


I found a few perfect items for very little money--my favorite kind of purchases. A blue tri-fold lawn chair (low to the ground, you can lay flat or elevate your back, etc.) for $1.00! Plus these great music books and a few classic reads like Pride and Prejudice and Huckleberry Finn--all for $3.00. 

Let the hunt begin!


  1. Eeew garage sale-ing.. Love that Max Lucado book though!

  2. I am excited about garage sale season too, loved the simile (right on the money)... Great books... I am so glad you went with us, we will have to go together without the kids for some "hardcore" shopping :)


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