May 11, 2012

The One with Friday Funnies 05.11.12

My husband and I communicate often via Skype chat, namely to send computer links from one computer to the other. Many times a day, I get links sent to me from my tech-savvy husband who is constantly finding notable videos or images on sites like or These sites seem to be the first place to look for the latest additions to the ever-growing world wide web. Most of the time, if there's a funny photo or video shared on Facebook, Kevin's shared it with me 2 weeks ago. Impressive record, methinks. 

Thus, I am instituting Friday Funnies, a way for me to share with you a few of the top photos or videos or other links sent to me by my internet-sleuthing husband. Most of them will be funny, some impressive, and some thought-provoking. Hope you enjoy!

Friday Funnies This is why my daughter is cooler than yours.

This is far too accurate. Which makes it twice as hilarious.
source: click to view larger font. 

If you know anything about band and care at all about Lord of the Rings, 
you should find this pretty awesome. 
source: click to view larger font.

This may be the most awesome commericial ever. Or at least of the 90s. 
(Please watch the entire video. It just keeps getting better.)

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  1. Oh... my.
    Did that video really happen?! I laughed so hard, I woke up the cats! So funny!


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