December 6, 2013

Pushing 30

...or at least that's what I've been telling myself for the past many months. I turned 28 on November 19th and this past year is the first time I've ever "felt" my age. There are days I look at the veins on the backs of my legs and think, "How did this happen?" Whenever I brush my teeth, I have to use lukewarm, yes LUKWARM water. I distinctly remember questioning my mother's need to use anything other than ice cold water because of her teeth's sensitivity. And what am I dealing with now? Extremely sensitive teeth. I have never had trouble healing from cuts or bruises, but now it takes MONTHS to completely heal and even then I have very obvious scars like never before.

My poor body just isn't what it used to be. In many ways I am shocked at how quickly things have changed. But most of the time I'm thankful for the growth that comes with experience (and apparently crazy leg veins. I refuse to utter the words, "spider veins.")

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Kevin and Melanie Eccles || Cliff, Tara, Catherine, Jacob and Sarah Thom ||
Randy, Sheryl, Ashlyn, Brendan (not pictured), Madison and Jillian LeBaron
This particular "birthday party" evolved from a simple dinner invitation. I wanted to make an early birthday dessert to share and then I asked if I could invite more friends. Before I knew it I had planned my own party. Oh well. Thanks, friends, for not razzing me about it (*cough cough* except for Randy. ;)). It was fun being in a house full of awesome kids who made me their own special birthday cards, eating a delicious pot roast dinner together, indulging in my favorite sweets without the guilt, and laughing hysterically during a rowdy game of Apples to Apples. You people get me.

Even beyond the food and gifts, I was deeply grateful to spend my birthday celebration with some dear friends and their families. I love that age differences no longer keep girls from being best friends. (Thank you both for loving me and listening to me and sharing with me, with no consideration of my age. I respect you, admire you, trust you, and value you.)

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Tara, Sheryl, Mel

Dear Child of Mine, 

I hope you can join in the fun soon! (Also, I'm only getting older. You're going to have to peel me off the floor if you wait much longer.) I promise that you're going to be so loved by these people and so many more

Waiting for you, 



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