September 5, 2012

The Start of My New School Year

It all began at 3:30 yesterday afternoon when 2nd grader, Zach, walked though my front door. Piano lessons are back in full swing now! Yesterday, five new students had their very first lessons with me and I love each of them already. I can tell this is going to be a fantastic year. 

And to think, I was somewhat nervous about lessons starting again. "Nervous about what?" you ask. That the hours would be too long (teaching till 7pm), that I wouldn't remember new students' names, that I might now have too many students, and the ever-present worry-whisper--that I wouldn't be a good enough teacher

But all of those fears subsided after each student filed in, took their seat at the piano, and opened the first pages of their lesson books. I feel excited, confident, and in love with piano teaching all over again.

My first student for Wednesday will be here any minute. I'd better bring out that plate of fresh baked chocolate chip banana mini muffins!  


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