September 3, 2012

A Foyer's Invitation

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a space, especially if the color is something beyond the ordinary eggwhite

I walked into our church on Saturday night for worship practice and my jaw had spontaneously dropped open. The color was beautiful, giving off the feeling of cozy, intimate conversation, ushering you in and inviting you to stay a while. Mocha it is being called, and I am love. The furniture had been moved out or rearranged. Tables previously littered with papers and the "this and that" of church handouts had been removed. A book nook that no one ever frequented was in the process of becoming a coffee bar, complete with chalkboard paint back ground. And bistro tables, the perfect height for standing around with a cup of joe and catching up with friends, are being spread throughout the space. Our church foyer, which had previously been known for exuding any feeling but warmth, is becoming a place to gather. Rather than grabbing coats and heading to the double doors, people are going to want to stick around now, getting to know one another, sharing renewed vision and passion for Christ, laughing about the silly and sharing the burden of the painful. 

All because of leaders with a vision and push to move. And that mocha colored paint

I love seeing changes happening to a church building. It tells me the people inside--the church herself--are vibrant and passionate, excited about progression and wanting to stay relevant and effective. 

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