July 10, 2012

The One with a Weakness, Revealed

Even a pastor and his wife have their moments of weakness, right? (oh please tell me I'm right.


we get lost on trips and tension runs high
we think I've lost my iPod and I start freaking out. 
we bicker
we disagree on the right course of action or discipline. 
we treat other with less than the utmost respect

...a group of teens witness all of this because they're stuck with us for a week. Maybe it shakes their faith in us a little bit. But prayerfully, it shows them that we are real people who make mistakes, get frustrated, lose our way, and let our emotions get the best of us. We're in ministry, in the fishbowl of a leadership position, but that doesn't mean we're perfect. It just means we know things can still be "ok" in the end, thanks to God's blanket of forgiveness. Those moments were embarrassing, not to mention wrong, and I'm not proud of them.

But love covers over a multitude of sin. And I'm thankful that God is love. 


  1. Oh my - we have totally been there! I think it helps teens {as well as the congregation} to see that pastor families are human, and that we make the same mistakes that they do. It's the way that we respond is what can be a witness.

  2. I understand. Thank you for living out a real example. I think they will appreciate knowing you are normal and human. It's a good thing for teens to see. Especially in your position -- knowing that you don't give up on each other. Like Aurie said, it's your response.

  3. have you read through any of that book I mailed you yet?


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