July 30, 2012

The One with the {10} Likes of Late

Top Ten {things I've been loving lately}

1} Naturally More Peanut Butter. it's seriously the best peanut butter ever. It's much lower in calories and fat calories, higher in protein, lower in sugar, and straight up delicious.

2} Fresh, fragrant peaches.

3} Grilled sandwiches. As in, sandwiches cooked on the grill. I'm addicted to their crispness and depth of flavor.

4} Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. I may or may not have bought a bag while in Seattle due to a chocolate craving. I won't tell you if the bag's gone yet or not.

5} Homemade strawberry jam. There's something extra satisfying about picking, processing, and canning your own jam. Plus, you need something to go with all that peanut butter.

6} Keeping a beautiful stock pile of birthday cards. Such a simple expression of love can mean so much.

7} Our new kitty! (I just remembered I hadn't introduced her to you all yet! My apologies! She kinda-sorta doesn't have a name yet. We have thrown around 4 or 5 good options, but nothing has stuck, try as we might. I've just been calling her "kitty." I'm leaning toward Akeelah because it's a prettier version of her original name "Aki." We've joked about Napster because napping is pretty much her thing. And then there's Phoebe or Alice. *sigh* poor cat.


8} Anyone else noticing that "food" largely occupies my list of likes?

9} Reading Reddit's frugal page. It's amazing the tips and tricks you can pick up from others.

10} and just because I'm out of awesome things I've enjoying lately, here's something just plain awesome (and pretty darn funny too).  Click HERE for Parenting Tip.


  1. great list and a cute pic of your new cat! :)

  2. I don't know your kitty, so it's hard for me to pick a name.... altho Phoebe is fun!

  3. Haha, I loved number 10. Also, my cat's name was Sam, but then my sister was born, and my parents named her Samantha so we called our cat Kitty for the rest of her life.
    - Nicole

  4. I love your list! I'm with you on the birthday cards and homemade strawberry jam. Jam is one of the BEST things.


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