June 28, 2012

The One with Corporate Worship

Worshiping through song. It's such an incredible thing. You come together with hundreds of Christ followers from all over the country and together you raise your voices in song, your hands in praise as one body. Even though most people filling the pews have never met, never been in the same church, never lived in community with one another, we share connection through the knowledge of these songs we call "worship songs" and through our passion for Christ

It is in an incredible thing that hundreds of people who live across the country from each other can know the same song. And not only that, but worship the same God. THAT is the binding factor. And it is incredibly encouraging. As much as I love worshiping alongside my church friends each week, there is something powerful in those moments when you realize it's not just you, not just your church. There are millions around the world who believe and know that Jesus is the holy one of God

You are not alone. 

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