June 5, 2012

The One with Strawberries and Settlers

Do you ever have those days (or weeks) when there is so much going on you can't seem to find anything to write about? The slower the pace of life, the more time I have to take note of the little moments of joy or hilarity or wisdom or frustration. But when it's one thing after another, moments get easily forgotten. That disappoints me, mostly because I know there have been so many noteworthy instances in the past week or two. Part of me wants to just list the happenings--bullet style; but that would remove all sense of sacredness or importance.

Perhaps I will get around to writing in more detail in the future. But for now this should suffice. 

My latest venture has been strawberry picking for a local farm. I started last Thursday and 2 out of my first 3 days were rainy and cold and miserable. Today was glorious weather, making up for the sogginess. 

I have added biking to my list of activities, since deciding to bike the 4.7 miles to the strawberry farm each morning (we pick from 7-9am). I am not a skilled biker, my leg muscles are carved out for running now and don't seem to appreciate operating in any other fashion. (Which, I believe *ahem* is the whole point of cross training activities such as biking. duh, Mel.) My friend, Kendall, heard me talk about needing a bike helmet and she generously and thoughtfully gifted one to me on Sunday. I feel exponentially safer as I hop on my bike each morning. (I've had enough bike accidents in my past, that I'm always fearing a wipe out.) 

And for a random *bonus* story....

Kevin and I have always wanted an shared interest--something fun we both really enjoy doing. Our favorite shared activity, in all seriousness, is talking. But lately, we've added something to the list--Settlers of Catan . I had played the game many times before but never fully understood it, leaving me frustrated and always in last place (aka even more frustrated). But after playing a round with Kevin's brother and mom, something clicked and I finally started to understand what I was doing and what made the game so much fun. Brian said he played 2 person games all the time--something we never considered (since the rules state 3-4 players, we didn't think it would work.) Kevin and I peeled off the plastic of his brand new game--a Christmas gift from my parents--and we've left the board set up on the dining room table for a week now. Each game only takes about a half hour with 2 players, so we play once a day--sometimes over lunch or dinner--and just LOVE IT.

the end.


  1. I can't wait to pick strawberries - and I am trying to convince myself to get the bikes out of the garage :) Really, really trying!!

  2. My husband and I love playing Settlers! We try and find friends to play with after all the kids have been put to bed. Something tells me, if we were to ever meet, we would get along quite well!


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