April 24, 2012

The One with a Bit of Confusion

Sometimes life is a whirlwind. I'm sure you can relate.

Sometimes you can't remember what month it is and you tell people a May coupon "expired months ago" and it's still April.

Sometimes you leave for the day and it's 70 and sunny, and you're too hot in jeans. But by 8pm you're wondering why you didn't bring your winter coat

Sometimes you love running so much you head out into the freezing temperatures with your shorts (because you thought it would be 70) and fly up and over those hills until you feel pretty awesome about yourself. 

Sometimes you feel like your lungs have stopped functioning and you'll never remember what real, good running is like. 

Sometimes you remember that you love spending every waking moment with your husband so much that you can't believe you chose to spend the weekend away from him. 

Sometimes you're ok with the fact that people get annoyed with your googly-eyed love for your husband and that say his name every other sentence, expecting him to be there, but he's 3 states away. 

Sometimes kids run up to you, screaming your name, and knocking you to the ground with their hugs, and you love every minute. 

Sometimes your church sends you to a ministers' conference and you get to stay in a hotel room so nice you feel like you're queen for the day.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a regular week around here :) We are always crazy and running in circles....but it's a good crazy!!

    Glad you were able to feel like a queen for a day :)


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