July 13, 2013

[Free Methodist] Bible Quiz Finals 2013

It was fantastic fun, the loudest laughter, the best group of students & leaders for 5 days at Roberts Wesleyan College. BIBLE QUIZZING FINALS 2013! I had been sincerely excited about this particular Nationals for a few reasons.

1) I had actually studied and nailed the 45 quote verses.
2) Kevin, Brian, Tara, and I were going to be QUIC* quizzing with other adults - my first time quizzing!
3) Every year I connect with more and more people from across the country, catch up on their lives and look forward to seeing them again next year. What a great community.
4) We were taking a wonderful conglomeration of Albion students along with Tara, Kevin and me.

*QUIC = quiz masters and coaches division (aka - grown ups get to quiz for no prize other than the joy of it, from 8:30-10pm, when we're exhausted. Just because.)

Our week. In Photos. 

That's me with Zach - the boy who kept us laughing and light-hearted all week. We're TWINSIES!

The Young Teen Rookie Quizzers on the jump seats

Kirsten helped keep those Middle Schoolers in line with this look. 

QUIC Quizzing was SO MUCH FUN, especially because we had worked hard to know the material well. We were seeded FIRST after the round robin quizzing, and then finished second in our B division.

the ecclesecclesecclesTHOM Quic Quiz Team. And Karl.
(Karl was a STV A* quizzer who came to support us. And check up on Kevin's quizzing ability. ;))

*senior teen veteran A division

My favorite (and quite handsome) quiz master

Kirsten quizzed all year with these sweet girls from Gowanda and they placed 1st in their STV B division!

The Eccles Three!

We're so proud of our Young Teen Rookie Quiz Team for securing a 5th Place win (out of 14 teams).
And a shout out to their coach, also a "rookie," who lead confidently and calmly!IMG_8382

Each year coaches are asked to nominate deserving high school years as potential recipients of the Dave Markell Excellence in Attitude Award. In my opinion this is the MOST IMPORTANT award you can receive at Nationals. It is given to a senior who has shown faithfulness and commitment to quizzing, and a Christ-like attitude in and out of the quizzing environment. We couldn't NOT nominate our girl, Kirsten, for this award. 

During the week of Nationals, the regional directors observe the nominees in their interactions with other quizzers, coaches, and quiz masters and eventually come to a decision. 

Tears streamed down my face as I snapped this photo. I am incredibly proud of the godly life Kirsten leads and thankful that she was honored today with this prestigious character award. 

Thanks for being my roommate this week, Kirsten, 
and for being an amazing student and a true friend. Love you!